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Delivering an Accessible World

A few months ago, I was filling up one of our Special Needs Group delivery vans at a gas station. A woman approached me about the logo on the side of the van and wanted to know what it meant. I told her that we deliver oxygen and mobility equipment to cruises, hotels and airports around the world. The woman was amazed; she did not know that a service like this even existed. As it turned out, her mother had poor health. She said to me, “do you mean you can help mom get back out in the world?”

Since our company’s inception, we have provided services like oxygen rentals, wheelchair rentals, scooter rentals, power chair rentals, walker rentals and other specialty equipment rentals to thousands of individuals so that (1) travel can be a reality and (2) travel experiences would be more enjoyable and comfortable.

Without knowing about companies like Special Needs Group, individuals with disabilities and slow walkers (people who require assistance walking with speed or distance but do not consider themselves disabled) are often daunted by travel. We have eliminated the hassle caused by lugging devices on planes or cars. We have eased the minds of people worried that their scooters or other mobility equipment will come off airplanes broken or damaged. Our specialty equipment is waiting in cruisers staterooms, at the hotels or wherever the individual needs it.

We also make travel a reality. Travelers with disabilities and slow walkers often believe that their only option is staying at home and that traveling is no longer an option. We have made travel possible for cancer survivors, individuals with hip replacements and individuals who have been prescribed oxygen. Plus, with families now living all around the world, we have made it possible for everyone to enjoy weddings, reunions, meetings and religious gatherings.

Similar to that woman I met at the gas station, our goal is to make sure family and friends with special needs are safe, healthy and able to enjoy life. Special Needs Group delivers an accessible world.

For more information or to reserve your equipment, please visit us at or call us toll free at 1-800-513-4515 or 954 585-0575.


Andrew J. Garnett, President & CEO
Special Needs Group, Inc. / Special Needs at Sea


July 13, 2009



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