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Gorgeous Beaches, Mayan Ruins and Much more in Accessible Cancun!

I discovered Cancun many years ago, just shortly before all the shopping malls, tourist restaurants and bars were opened.  I fell in love with the gorgeous beaches and friendly people.  I’ve been fortunate enough to return a few more times and I am still in love. 

Cancun is a family friendly destination with plenty of things to do and there is always the option to lie on the beach with a nice cocktail in hand and do nothing at all.  Tulum is breathtaking, set along the Caribbean sea, theese Mayan Ruins are one of the best preserved coastal Maya saites still around today.  It’s amazing how they were built hundreds of years ago, without any of the modern technology we have today, and they remain for us to enjoy. 

Tulum Ruins

Dolphins are one of the most beautiful, calm sea creatures and to be able to swim with them has to be a real treat. Accessible tours now make this dream a possibility for just about everyone and they are available in Cancun.

Image Courtesy of Accessible Cancun

When I travel I enjoy trying the local cuisine.  When it comes to Mexican food many think of Tex-Mex which is very different than authentic Mexican food.  Although you will find many familiar restaurant chains, be adventurous and try something authentic.  On my first trip to Cancun I was very young and didn’t know very much about Mexican food except for Taco Bell.  Yes, that is embarrassing but we are going back many years where there were not nearly as many options locally as we have today.  My first authentic Mexican experience was a bit of a shock because my taco did not come with lettuce, tomatoes or sour cream.  In fact, it looked nothing like what I was expecting.  I spent the rest of my vacation eating fresh seafood.  Not a bad compromise!  Since then my palate is a lot more adventurous and I’ve enjoyed some very delicious meals in Cancun.  Go ahead, try it!


First two dishes are more likely what you will be served in an Authentic Mexican Restaurant – the third is more Tex-Mex.

Whether it’s the natural beauty of the beaches to the gorgeous resorts, shopping at high end boutiques or markets for some local art, a fresh seafood dish or a tequila shot poured into your mouth while doing a conga line at a tourist bar, Cancun truly has lots for everyone to enjoy.  The fact that there is so much that is accessible only makes it that much sweeter!

Cancun is a great destination for someone with special needs as not only are there accessible tours offered but they have accessible hotel rooms and accessible transportation as well.  Just like planning any vacation with special needs it is best to plan well in advance and be sure to let your needs be known.  If you’d like some help with the process of planning your limited mobility, accessible trip to Cancun, you can find an SNG Certified Accessible Travel AdvocateTM by clicking here.

Special Needs Group can help you with your special needs rentals including wheelchairs, mobility scooter and much more for Cancun and over 135 other cities worldwide. Visit us on the web or call us at 1.800.513.4515.

August 7, 2014 


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