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Tips for Cruising with an Electric Scooter


Traveling can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience that should be stress free and enjoyable.  For a slow walker, someone with limited mobility or special needs, an electric scooter can make all the difference in the world.   Here are some helpful tips to for a smooth, glitch free journey, and a fun-filled one too.


  1. Book in Advance

To be certain that you have everything you need, be sure to book early.  Advance booking will ensure that you have the cabin that is most suitable for you in your preferred location.  You will also want to book any special needs equipment well in advance to make sure there is availability.  Advance booking also allows the service providers to make any necessary arrangements so they can fully ensure that all your needs are met.


  1. Clearly Describe your Special Needs

At the time of reservation make sure that you clearly describe your special needs to your travel agent, the cruise line and your special needs equipment provider.  Be clear and precise so the service providers knows exactly what needs to be done to make sure that you are comfortable. In this case,  the more details, the better.


  1. Use an SNG Certified Accessible Travel AdvocateTM 

We are proud of the roughly 2,000 travel professionals who have completed our SNG CATA program.  These travel agents have taken the time to educate themselves and are well versed to assist you with your special needs.  Find one near you by clicking here


  1. Preparing for Debarkation

Make sure that you have provided the cruise line with any special requests for assistance with debarkation.  If you did not do this before boarding do not wait until the last momehnt to notify guest relations.  This will ensure smooth departure from the vessel.


  1. Pre or Post Hotel Stays

If you are planning on staying a few extra days before or after your cruise, make sure that you reserve an electric scooter for that portion of your vacation.  We are able to accommodate hotel delivery and pick up throughout the world.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t’t enjoy the flexibility and independence of an electric scooter on your land vacation as well!


  1. One Extra Tip for Everyone

Always keep your doctor’s contact information and your prescription medications with you at all times.  Make sure that you pack your prescription medications in your carryon bags.  You should also have enough for a few extra days should there be an unforeseen delay. 


Using an electric scooter can make your journey comfortable and provide you with the independence to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Special Needs Group / Special Needs at Sea is committed to making travel accessible for all. So whether you need an electric scooter, a wheelchair, oxygen equipment, a beach wheelchair (Joy on the Beach) or just about any other special needs equipment, we’re always there to help you.  Delivering to over 135 cities in 30 countries worldwide, we make sure all your special needs are met so that you can enjoy a spectacular vacation. 


“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” — Pat Conroy


July 1, 2014

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