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Travel Hacks!

Traveling can get expensive and well, a little bit stressful.  Hidden fees on top of hotel, transportation, and food can seriously add up.  Airport security lines, baggage claim, and busier travel days can make traveling hectic.  We’ve come up with some travel hacks to get more bang for your buck as well as a few things that make traveling a little bit easier.

1. Travel Agents.  A good travel agent will help you find the best vacation for your needs at the best price possible. A good travel agent will ask you questions about some of your favorites and dislikes to help make the perfect match. Remember that when you use a travel agent you will not be on your own should there be a need to make any changes.  

2. Frequent Flyer miles.  Many airlines have frequent flyer programs or credit cards programs that add up miles you earn for each trip and many different every day purchases. Check with your airlines to see what bonus programs they are offering.  Many banks offer credit card rewards programs similar to airline frequent flyer programs, only you usually can fly any airline and stay at any hotel and still get points.  Once you have the points, use them for a free flight or hotel stay saving yourself a lot of money.

3. Travel dates.  If you don’t need to travel on specific dates then try searching around the time you’d like to go.  Be open to different options.  Flying on a weekend day could cost twice as much as flying on a Tuesday.  If traveling internationally, try booking your flights about 34 days from your travel date, as those are usually the low price dates.  If traveling domestically, the lowest airline tickets are usually around 21 days from your travel date.  When traveling during the holidays if you are able to travel on the actual holiday date (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day) many times it will be less expensive.  When possible try to avoid traveling during peak seasons. Not only will your travel costs go down but there will be fewer tourists so you can experience the best of your destination on your own schedule without all the lines and traffic.

4. Travel apps.  Use your phones apps to check prices, flight times, quick transportation options, reservation reminders, and so much more.  There are some great apps like Uber, Flight Tracker, and specific airline apps can help you keep track of everything you need for you trip.  

5. TSA pre-check.  Fill out the application and get through airport security in a breeze.  This will save you a lot of time and cut out some of the stress. You will no longer dread those security lines.

6. Carry-on only.  Consider packing only a carry-on bag.  You will save yourself baggage fees, get out of the airport much faster, and pretty much eliminate the chance of losing luggage.  Just bring a carry-on that you store over head, you can leave your flight with all your belongings and head straight out to get your transportation.  This is much faster and much less stressful. 

7.  Important documents.  It’s always a good idea when traveling internationally to photocopy important documents such as passports, IDs, and credit cards.  Leave a copy with a friend or family member and hide a copy on yourself.  If anything happens you will have these to use or your photocopies can be sent.  You may want to consider purchasing a money belt to wear under your clothes to keep your documents safe. Taking a little extra precaution can help you to travel a little more relaxed. 

We hope that these travel hacks will help you plan and enjoy a perfect vacation.


“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” — Pat Conroy


February 18,  2015

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