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Valentine’s Day: Great Date Ideas for Individuals with Special Needs

For some, Feb. 14 is the most romantic day of the year, and with it comes feelings of joy, love, and excitement. For others, Valentine’s Day brings the pressure of planning the perfect date for that special someone. However you look at it, there are many wonderful ways to celebrate the holiday, especially for individuals with special needs.   


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If you or your special someone has limited mobility or impaired hearing/vision,  or is a slow walker, keep the following tips in mind for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date:


– Slow walkers: Splurge and rent a car service or limo for the night, take a scenic ride around town, and choose a venue (restaurant, show, etc.) that will be easily accessible. Arrive early in order to avoid the crowds (this is good advice for any date!)



– Dinner for two: Find the most accessible restaurants in your area through a quick Google search, or a mobile app such as CitiRoller. Be sure to call and reserve a table in advance, especially on the biggest date night of the year! If you or your partner uses a wheelchair, be sure to note this with the host or hostess when booking reservations so that you are insured a wheelchair-accessible table.


– Plan an accessible trip: Go the extra mile – literally. This year, plan an accessible vacation for you and your loved one. A weekend cruise may be just what you need to ignite that special spark, and cruises are some of the most accessible ways to travel! Looking for adventure? There are a number of accessible tours, safaris, holidays/vacations for those with special needs or limited mobility. We’d love to hear about any programs you’ve participated in or accessible trips you’ve been on. Tell us about your experiences on our Facebook page.


–  Order in: With or without a special need, an evening at home can be just as romantic as a night out on the town. Splurge on candles, roses, champagne and the necessary details to set the mood! With some creativity and a little candlelight, an evening in may be a great option for couples who want to enjoy a romantic night for two.


– A night out on the town: Broadway shows, movies, and many concerts offer a variety of accessible options for patrons who use wheelchairs, have impaired hearing/vision or other special needs. Keep in mind that if you or your loved one has special needs, it’s a good idea to contact the venue ahead of time to inquire about their accessibility policies and options.


– Beach day: If you live in a warm climate, a day at the beach may be in order! Have you heard about the Joy on the Beach wheelchair? This innovative chair enables individuals who use wheelchairs to enjoy the surf and sand.


How are you and your loved ones celebrating this Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear about it on Facebook and Twitter, or in the comments below!




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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” -Dr. Seuss


February 8, 2013





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