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Why Just Cruise? Go a Few Days Early


If you are going to be cruising from anywhere other than your hometown why not go a few days early and enjoy a new city?  Many of the most popular cruise embarkation ports are great cities to visit.  Instead of rushing from the airport to the cruise ship spend a few days getting to know the city.  It’s also good to have the extra time should there be any weather delays!

Seattle and Vancouver

If you are going to be sailing to Alaska their is a good chance that you will be starting your cruise in Seattle or Vancouver.  Both have wonderful museums, parks and great dining options that you will want to enjoy.  In Seattle be sure to take the elevator up to the viewing platform of the Space Needle and stroll along Pike Place Market to enjoy a feast for your senses.  Besides Stanley Park in Vancouver, you’ll want to visit Canada Place to revel in the majestic view of the iconic five white sails, enjoy the scenic mountain and ocean sights, stroll the scenic Canadian Trail or take an exhilarating ride on Vancouver’s newest attraction, FlyOver Canada.

Canada Place

Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are two of the busiest cruise ports in the world.  You will definitely want to enjoy the beaches.  Rent a Joy on the Beach wheelchair that can be taken from the sand into the ocean.  Lincoln Road in Miami Beach and Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale have great sidewalk cafes to enjoy a tropical drink while people watching.  If nature is more your thing don’t miss Everglades National Park, home to 14 rare and endangered species, including the American Crocodile, the Florida Panther and the West Indian Manatee.

Miami Beach

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular destinations.  On a leisurely stroll down Las Ramblas you’re bound to run into street performers, you can have your portrait done by a cartoonist, or enjoy a light snack at one of the many tapas bars. Even if you’re not all that interested in the architecture of La Sagrada Familia, you’re sure to find this church — like Gaudí’s other work — a feast for the eyes. Easily recognized by its tree-like buttresses and detailed façades, this monstrous church is full of symbolism.

La Sagrada Familia

Special Needs Group / Special Needs at Sea has wheelchairs, electric scooters, walkers and much more available to rent at over 135 cities worldwide, including all major cruise embarkation port cities.  We can also accommodate most of your oxygen needs including portable oxygen concentrators that are approved for air travel.

Check back next week as we visit more cruise embarkation port cities.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert 

July 17, 2014








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