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Soothie° Cushion – Ways to Wear

Soothie° Cushion – Ways to Wear

You may have seen our previous blog on the Soothie° Cushion in which we promised you more information on ways to wear and use it to provide drug-free relief of pain as well as elevated comfort.  Well, here it is!

Soothie∘ Cushion is the ultimate back support and therapy system. Enjoy HOT or COLD therapy and back support on the go…at home – work – car – airplane. It straps to your chair AND to your body…it is the go-everywhere solution for your busy life!

This is a wearable travel cushion for back and lumbar support!

Most cushions, heat packs, and cold packs cannot be worn. Or, if they can, they can only be used one or two ways.

But there are so many ways to wear or use your Soothie°.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Wear it like a backpack to provide upper back heat therapy on a freezing cold day.
  • Slip it over your chair at work to turn it into an ergonomic dream.
  • Attach it to your knee for hands-free comfort.
  • Torn rotator cuff? You can wear it on your shoulder.
  • Attach it to your lower back to get lumbar support.
  • Use it as a travel cushion.


To find out more about the Soothie° Cushion and how to purchase, please visit our website at or call 800-513-4515!  Check out our other wellness items while you are there!

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