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Equipment Blog: O2 Concepts OxLife Independence

Updated:  21 April 2023

OxLife Independence

Special Needs Group’s most popular rented Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the O2 Concepts OxLife Independence.

The O2 Concepts OxLife Independence provides the individual with the longest battery life in its class and the smallest batteries of any dual-battery POC.  The unit is FAA approved and has the ability to be charged within a vehicle.  The dual-battery operated portable oxygen rental allows the traveler to visit any location whether by motorized transportation, train or cruise vessel. 


The O2 Concepts OxLife Independence has the capability to provide continuous flow up to 3LPM and 6LPM on pulse flow; the unique integrated pull-cart allows the portable oxygen rental to be stored under a plane seat.  The individual can swap batteries while the machine is running and provides two times the oxygen pulse volume per setting compared to any other POC.  The pull-cart has a convenient handle for transporting the unit during the day while at sea or on land.  

While the guest is sleeping at night, the unit may be plugged into a 110 Wall Outlet, so that the O2 Concepts OxLife Independence is providing continuous flow of oxygen while charging the batteries within the POC.    

The O2 Concepts OxLife Independence is connected to a secure private network through Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA).  With DNA Technology, the unit receives custom software updates which enable the environment which the OxLife is in at a specific time to be monitored to ensure better performance whether in a humid or higher elevated location. 

Guests renting the OxLife Independence are provided the unit, two batteries, tubing and cannula and pulse oximeter; additional pairs of batteries can be rented.  Individuals renting additional pairs of batteries are provided an external charger.

Special Needs Group ships the OxLife portable oxygen rental with UPS Ground so that the individual receives the unit 3 to 5 days in advance of their vacation.  The guest is not charged for the 3 to 5 days, but encouraged to test and use the unit prior to traveling so any questions can be answered prior to embarking on his/her vacation.

In addition, to the OxLife Independence, the lightest POC rented by SNG is the Easy Pulse POC-5 which runs on one battery and provides the individual up to 5 LPM on pulse flow only.  The Easy Pulse comes with a carrying bag and weighs 6.6 lbs.  Additional individual batteries may be rented for the Easy Pulse.

Easy Pulse POC-5

Special Needs Group does require a Dr.’s prescription prior to sending the unit.  The Rx must state:  the individual’s name, Liters Per Minute which guest uses oxygen and Hours Per Day.

For more information regarding the OxLife Independence or other POCs rented by Special Needs Group, please call us at 800.513.4515. 


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