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Cruisin’: What To Pack

Essentials — The Checklist:


-Tickets (airline and cruise) & ID/Passport (carry an extra picture ID, just in case)


-Vaccination Certificate (if required)

-A Travel Visa (if required)

-Wallet & fanny pack

-Credit cards & cash

-Appropriate clothing: Depending on the duration and location of your cruise. Be aware that many cruises offer nightclub, entertainment, or even formal events and dinners while onboard.

-A watch

-Bathing suits


-Extra reading glasses or contact lenses, plus sunglasses

-Cameras & film or memory cards

-Adaptors & converterscurrency conversion chartsguidebooks & language guides, if traveling internationally

-A first-aid kit, especially if traveling with children

-Bug spray & sunscreen


-Headache, seasickness or other over the counter medications in case of illness

-Prescription medications & vitamins

-Other personal items


Things to leave at home: Your laptop computer. It’s one more thing to carry. Many (if not most) of today’s cruise ships offer Internet access onboard if you must stay connected. YOU’RE ON VACATION! Be sure to enjoy yourself!!

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Also, be aware that if you are traveling internationally, you may want to consider leaving your mobile phone at home or keeping it OFF! Many smart phones will charge for international data use if you do not purchase a special plan. This can get pricey, very quickly. Here’s a hint: If you have an unlimited data plan, check with your carrier. Communicating via web-based applications (such as LinkedIn or Facebook) may be included, regardless of your location. The same is not always true for text messaging.


Keep in mind that there is no need to bring bulky beach towels or bath towels, as these will be provided for you on the cruise. You will likely have a safe in your cabin, but it is still advisable to leave most valuables, such as expensive jewelry, behind. Unless you have special dietary needs, there is not much need to pack food or beverages, as these are complimentary on most cruise lines.


Special Needs Travelers:


If you own equipment such as wheelchairsmotorized scooters, oxygen or respiratory equipment, you will almost certainly be allowed to bring them aboard. However, be sure to contact your cruise line’s customer service center ahead of time and double check.

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If you need to rent equipment for your voyage, contact us at 1.800.513.4515 to rent in advance! Special Needs at Sea is the leading global provider of special needs equipment rentals, and we’re more than happy to accommodate you during your travels.


Pack all medications (check and double check!), plus (if possible) an extra week’s supply in your carry-on luggage, purse, or in a small fanny pack. This ensures that, just in case anything happens to checked luggage, your medications are safe in your possession.


Bring along an identification that lists your medical conditions, medications and any allergies. In addition, it is a good idea to carry an emergency contact number with the name/contact information of a close relative or friend.

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Other items to consider: A nightlight for getting around the cabin in the dark, a phrasebook of key accessible terms in the language of your destination/ports (these can be found online, and we will be doing a post on some of these key terms next week), and an extra charger or batteries for re-chargeable power chairs or other special needs equipment.


Packing your bags with thoughtful care ensures a most enjoyable cruising experience. Take your time, double check, and get ready to set sail! Bon voyage, travelers!


Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea is the leading global provider of wheelchair rentals, scooter rentals, oxygen rentals and other special needs equipment rentals. Recommended by the world’s major cruise lines for superior service and value, Special Needs Group also services guests visiting hotels, resorts, theme parks and convention centers. For additional information, visit



“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.”  ~Susan Heller


March 15, 2012



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