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Traveling Abroad: Key Accessible Phrases

When traveling abroad, it can be tremendously helpful to know some key accessible terms in the native language of your destination! Below, we have listed some of the most common, useful terms that special needs travelers might find helpful in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. Feel free to print this information and carry it with you during your travels!


In addition to some of these helpful terms, it is also advisable to carry a translation phrase book with you when you are in port/traveling abroad. Some of the pocket-sized options can be lifesavers! If you are carrying your smart phone with you, there are a variety of apps you can download, as well! Find a list of some helpful translation apps here.




Where can I find a wheelchair accessible…

   Restroom: ¿Dónde está un baño para personas incapacitadas? (Don-day ess-taH un     

   baHn-yo pah-rah pahr-soHn-uhs een-cap-ah-see-diHt-ohs)

   Elevator: ¿Dónde está el elevador? (Don-day ess-taH ell ell-eh-vaY-door)

   Entrance: ¿Dónde está la entrada para personas incapacitadas? (Don-day ess-taH

   lah ehn-trah-dah pah-rah pahr-soHn-uhs een-cap-ah-see-diHt-ohs)

Can you help me?: ¿Me puede ayudar? (muh pway-day aye-you-dar)

Lift here: Levante aquí (luh-vahn-tay ah-key)

Wheelchair: Sillón de ruedas (see-yon duh roo-dahs)

Handicapped: Incapacitado (een-cap-ah-see-diHt-oh)

I am blind/I am deaf: Soy ciego/Soy sordo (soy see-ay-go/soy soor-do)

Accessible: Accessible (acks-ess-EE-bleh)

Elevator/Escalator: El elevador/La escalera mecánica (ell ell-euh-vah-door/lah ess-cah-lay-rah may-caHn-ee-cah)

The ramp: La rampa (lah raHm-puh)


Basic Greetings/Pleasantries:

Please: Por favor (pohr fah-vohr)

Thank you: Gracias (grah-see-us)

Excuse me: Con permiso (con pehr-mee-so)

You’re welcome: De nada (dee nah-dah)

Yes: Si (See)

No: No (No)

Hello: ¡Hola! (oh-lah)

Bye: Adiós. (ah-dee-ohse)





Where can I find a wheelchair accessible…

   Restroom: Há um banheiro deficiente? (ah ooN bahn-yay-roh deh-fee-syehn-chee)

   Elevator: Onde fica o elevador? (ohN-jee fee-kah oo eh-leh-vah-dohr)

   Entrance: Há uma entrada sem degraus? (a oo-mah ehN-trah-dah sehN deh-graws)

Can you help me?: Você pode ajudar-me? (voh-seh poh-jee ah-zhoo-dahr-mee)

Lift here: Levanta aqui. (leh-vahN-tah ah-kee)

Wheelchair: A cadeira de rodas (ah kah-day-rah jee hoh-dahs)

Handicapped: Deficiente (jee-fee-syehn-chee)

I am blind/I am deaf: Eu sou cego/Eu sou surdo (oo soo say-go/oo soo soor-doe)

Accessible: Acessível (ah-seh-see-vehl)

Elevator/Escalator: O elevador (oo eh-leh-vah-dohr)/ A escada rolante (ah eh-skah-dah hoh-lahN-chee)

The ramp: A rampa (ah hahm-pah)


Basic Greetings/Pleasantries:

Please: Por favor (pohr fah-vohr)

Thank you: Obrigado, if you are a man (oh-bree-gah-doo) / Obrigada, if you are a woman (oh-bree-gah-dah)

Excuse me: Desculpe-me (jee-skool-pee-mee)

You’re welcome: De nada (jee nah-dah)

Yes: Sim (seeN)

No: Não (nowN)

Hello: Olá (oh-lah)

Bye: Tchau (chow)





Where can I find a wheelchair accessible…

   Restroom: Y a-t-il une salle de bains handicapée? (ee ah-teel ewn sahl duh baN awN-dee-kah-peh)

   Elevator: Où est l’ascenseur? (oo eh lah-sahN-suhr)

   Entrance: Y a-t-il une entrée sans des marches? (ee ah-teel ewn ahN-treh sahN deh mahrsh)

Can you help me?: Pouvez-vous m’aider? (poo-veh voo meh-deh)

Lift here: Levez ici. (luh-veh ee-see)

Wheelchair: Le fauteuil roulant (uhN foh-tay roo-lahN)

Handicapped: Handicapée (ahN-dee cap-ay)

I am blind/I am deaf: Je suis aveugle/Je suis sourd (juh swee ah-vue-gle/juh swee sword)

Accessible: Accessible (ack-sess-aH-ble)

Elevator/Escalator: L’ascenseur/L’escalator (la-sense-sir/less-cuH-la-ture)

The ramp: La rampe (la ramp-uh)


Basic Greetings/Pleasantries:

Please: S’il vous plait. (seel voo pleh)

Thank you: Merci (mehr-see)

Excuse me: Excusez-moi (ehk-skoo-zeh mwah)

You’re welcome: De rien (duh ryahN)

Yes: Oui (wee)

No: Non (nohN)

Hello: Salut/Bonjour (sah-loo/bohN-zhoor)

Bye: Salut/Au revoir (sah-loo/ohr-uh-vwah)





Where can I find a wheelchair accessible…

   Restroom: C’è un bagno handicappato?

   Elevator: Dov’è l’ascensore?

   Entrance: C’è entrata senza scale?

Can you help me?: Mi può aiutare?

Lift here: Alza qui

Wheelchair: La sedia a rotelle

Handicapped: Handicappato

I am blind/I am deaf: Sono cieco/Sono sordo

Accessible: Accessibile

Elevator/Escalator: L’ascensore/scala mobile

The ramp: Le rampa


Basic Greetings/Pleasantries:

Please: Per favore

Thank you: Grazie

Excuse me: Mi scusa

You’re welcome: Prego

Yes: Si (See)

No: No (No)

Hello: Ciao (chow)

Bye: Ciao (chow)





Where can I find a wheelchair accessible…

   Restroom: Gibt es ein behindertes Toillete? (gihpt ehs ain buh-hihn-duhr-tuhs toy-leh-tuh)

   Elevator: Wo ist der Aufzug? (voh ihst dehr owf-tsook)

   Entrance: Gibt es ein Eingang ohne Treppen? (gihpt ehs ain ain-gahng oh-nuh treh-


Can you help me?: Können Sie mir helfen? (kuh-nehn zee meer hehl-fuhn)


March 23, 2013

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