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Eat Well and Travel

One of the best ways to really experience a new city is eating like a local.  

When in Rome do as the Romans.  This holds very true when it comes to food.  If you are in Peru eat Peruvian food. Why would you eat at an American Restaurant when in South America?  If you eat like the locals you are also more likely to be eating fresh food.

The last person you should really ask for a restaurant recommendation is the hotel concierge.  Most are incentivized to send you to certain restaurants, mostly tourist traps. A small restaurant frequented by locals is likely to try harder for you to be happy because they want you come back.  A touristy place knows that you will probably never be back and therefore your satisfaction is not as urgent. 

With so many TV shows these days revolving around food why not do a little research.  When planning your next vacation go to the Food Network and the Travel Channel.  Both have a restaurant search by city.  See if any of your favorites have been to the area you are visiting and consider visiting one of these.  If traveling with teenagers you may want to look at what challenges Man v Food has taken or check if Diners, Drive-ins and Dives has been in the area.  I have enjoyed many good, reasonably priced restaurants that I have found this way.

Street vendors are a great way to taste real local food.  Look for one that is full of locals even if it means waiting.  If they are willing to wait you probably should too.

Food trucks can also be a lot of fun.  Kids and teens will usually enjoy the variety and freedom of not having to sit still in a restaurant.  

Don’t be afraid to be a little (or a lot) adventurous.  Have fun with your food!  And I can’t stress enough that if you see locals eating there then it’s probably a good bet.

While you are out having a food adventure why not let yourself get lost as well.  Make sure you know the name, address and phone number to your hotel and just go.  Forget about the guide books and traditional touristy places and see what beautiful, local adventure you may find.  

Travel well, eat well and be safe!


October 10, 2014

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