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Taking Great Vacation Pictures

We all love taking pictures while on vacation.  It’s a great way to preserve the moment so we can share it with friends and family when we return.  Here are some great tips on taking great vacation pictures.  

Always Carry Your Camera:  When traveling you never know when you will see the perfect shot or when everything will come together for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. 

Take As Many As You Wish:  One of the best things about digital photography is that you are not spending money to develop anything you don’t like so go ahead and take as many pictures as you like then just keep your favorite.   

Don’t Forget the Group Shot:  Every family has one person who is always taking the picture and consequently is never in the picture.  Be sure to get at least one (more is preferable) group shot of everyone in attendance, you won’t regret it! 

Group picture on an Alaskan Cruise!

Consider Black & White:  Play with the settings, taking a picture in black and white will add a timeless feel to the photo. 

Add Some Sky:  It’s a common trick of the trade to add some bright blue sky in the background whenever possible.  It also helps to make those loved ones back home who may be dealing with unpleasant weather a little jealous of your vacation! 

Enjoying the beach with family on our JOB Beach Wheelchair

Scout for Good Locations:  Don’t take the same picture everyone else is taking from the same vantage point.  Walk around a little, you would be surprised what a difference of a few feet will make to the vantage point, you could get a much better shot!

Experiment with Light:  Normally you want to keep the sun at your back in order to avoid any glare, but don’t be afraid to turn the camera toward the sun when it’s low in the sky to add some flare to a photo.

Incorporate the Background:  Backgrounds can do a lot to enhance your photo, if the background does, take a wider shot to include more of it.  If the background takes away from the focus point then take a tighter shot. 

Just Married on an SNG mobility scooters and power chair!


Any photographer will have a list of his or her own rules and tips but remember; don’t be afraid to break the rules every once in a while, you may end up with an amazing photo!


"A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye." – Roger Kingston



November 19,  2014

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