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Much More Than Scooters and Wheelchairs

Everyone seems to know that we rent mobility aids for elderly travelers, including Motorized Scooters and Wheelchairs for people who are going on cruises however there is more, much more.

Let’s start by saying that we also rent travel equipment and deliver to hotels and convention centers. We deliver to hotels and convention centers at all the major cruise port cities throughout the world.  

Mobility Assistance

Transport/Companion Chair – Similar to a wheelchair except that it requires a companion to push it, it cannot be self-propelled. These are great mobility aids for elderly travelers who are not able to walk or have great difficulty walking, who do not have enough upper body strength to propel themselves on a standard wheelchair.

Walker – A walking aid that is used for support while walking. A walker can be used as a walking aid for seniors, or for anyone who needs additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking.

Rollator – Similar to a walker with 4 wheels, hand brakes and a seat. A rollator can be a mobility aid for seniors, or for individuals who have problems with walking or balance. It can also be used as a temporary seat.

Knee Rollator –  A great alternative to crutches when mobility is limited to only one leg. A knee rollator would prove beneficial for sprains, ulcers, a broken foot and post-foot operations.

Specialty Items


Lift Chair – A lift chair can be used by someone who has difficulty getting up from their seat.  It gently inclines forward to assist the person in getting up from the chair.  A lift chair is also a recliner and very often used to sleep in by those who are not able to sleep while lying completely horizontally.  Restrictions apply on certain cruise lines.

Hospital Bed – A bed that can be adjusted (height, head, feet) with adjustable side rails.  A hospital bed can be for someone who requires assistance getting in and out of bed or requires having their head or feet at a certain angle for comfort or health reasons.  Restrictions apply on certain cruise lines.

Patient Lift – (6-point) Lifts enable an individual to be lifted and transferred with minimal effort and greater safety. A patient lift is for an individual who requires assistance being transferred.  Client must bring own sling and/or chains. Weight capacity up to 400 lbs.

Alternating Pressure Mats – The alternating Pressure mat is available for someone who suffers from bed soars.  The mat sits on top of a standard bed.

Bath Equipment 


Ensuring that you have a safe and functional trip includes having the proper bath and toilet equipment. Rent medical equipment from our wide selection of offerings, including commode chairs, shower chairs, stools and seats, transfer benches, raised toilet seats and other items available on request.

Oxygen & Respiratory Equipment


Just because you need to rent medical equipment like oxygen, there is no need for you to stay at home when your family goes on vacation! We have Cylinders, Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC), Liquid Oxygen and Oxygen Concentrators available to rent. We work closely with all the major cruise lines and know what type of oxygen they allow on their ships.  We rent medical equipment POCs that are approved for air travel.  Please note that a medical prescription is required for all oxygen orders.


The Joy on the Beach (JoB) is the original Beach Wheelchair.  Stylish, yet light and sturdy, the JoB is equipped with innovative wheels that make it easy to roll from the beach into the open water for access to swimming.  Made of an aluminum alloy that won’t corrode, the JoB will give years of enjoyment on the beach.

The JoB chair can easily be lowered into any swimming pool for lap swim or water leisure.  Its air-filled balloon wheels make it easy to lift the swimmer out of the pool with minimal effort, eliminating the need for a wheelchair lift.

The JoB chair collapses easily and can be transported and put away with minimal storage space.

The JoB chair is available to purchase or to rent.


Some of our clients enjoying at day at the beach with their families on a Joy on the Beach

Collapsible Scooters currently in South Florida and New York.  More to come!

We are determined to make travel accessible for everyone! If you do not see the mobility aids for the elderly that you need listed here or in our Special Needs Shop please take a look at SNG Concierge. We will do all that we can to rent medical equipment that accommodates your special needs!

October 31,  2014

Special Needs Group / Special Needs at Sea is the leading global provider for Special Needs travel and rental of medical equipment. We offer a broad range of Special Needs equipment including wheelchair rentals, electric scooter rentals, power chair rentals, oxygen and more. We are recommended by ALL major cruise lines for superior service and value. Special Needs Group also services guests visiting hotels, resorts, theme parks and convention centers. For more info, visit

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