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Gifts Ideas for Travelers

Most of us know of at least one person who loves to travel more than most.  It seems they are always traveling or planning their next adventure.  With the busiest shopping weekend of the year fast approaching we thought it would be a good idea to look at some ideal gifts for world travelers.

Portable Phone Charger

Most phones these days have great cameras and for many have replaced a traditional camera.  There is nothing more frustrating for the travel lover than to find himself with a dead phone/camera while out enjoying a new destination.  A good potable charger is a life saver!  There are many options available at various price points.  Make sure that you get a reliable charger that is compatible with their phone. Click here for a few good options.



Seat Canes

For the travelers who has some trouble keeping up, there are a variety of Seat Canes (canes with a seat) available at very reasonable prices.  These are best for someone who is able to get around pretty well but finds themselves needing to take a little break every once in a while.  Seat Canes have become so common that they can be found in all sorts of retail stores and on-line stores.  Should they require a mobility scooter or wheelchair Special Needs Group has these available to rent for their vacation.


Foldable Travel Bag

Most travelers tend to pick up an item or two while on vacation.  From souvenirs for family and friends to special mementos to remind them of their vacation.  All to often they find themselves trying to figure out how to get them back home.  There are many foldable travel bags available at all price ranges that can easily be tucked away in a suitcase then pulled out and opened for the trip home.


Subscription to a Travel Magazine 

Although it may seem as if print magazines are a thing of the past because of the internet, there are few things more beautiful than a travel magazine.  The images tend to be gorgeous and they provide all sorts of tips and information all year round.  This is a wonderful gift that repeats itself on a regular basis throughout the year.


A Journal

Many travelers enjoy writing their experiences in a journal.  This is a wonderful way to capture the details of a wonderful vacation.  Look for a journal that reflects the personality of the person who will be receiving it.  There are so many options from fun and quirky to formal available for just about every taste.



A Crossover Bag

This is one of the most practical accessories for traveling.  A crossover bag frees up your hands while keeping your belongings in front of you.  This is a much safer alternative to a backpack that sits on your back out of your line of sight.  There are many options available for both men and woman in many different sizes at many price points.  Even well known designers include them in their collections.  These can also be very practical for every day use such as when shopping. 


There are many more gift ideas for cruise travelers, from neck pillows to luggage sets to travel converters/adapters.  We hope this fun list will help you pick the perfect gift (or stocking stuffer) for the travelers on your holiday shopping list.


“Travel makes one modest.  You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


November 24,  2014

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